About Us
In the heart of Cache Valley, CRE Products, LLC is located in the small Northern Utah town of Logan. Cache Valley is known for its pristine landscape, and endless dynamic recreational possibilities. The name Cache is French for “to store ones treasures”. We invite you to discover one of the finest treasures found in Cache Valley, CRE Products – RockerFlares and Splash Guards.

Just another aftermarket truck accessory? Think again! CRE Products has been in business for over 20 years building hand crafted products for truck people by truck people. In fact, our intests and lifestyles are almost a mirror image of yours. We build every one of our products as if they were going right on our own trucks. If we wouldn’t put it on our truck, it won’t go on yours. Quality is our greatest asset, and the reason why we have countless repeat customers. If your truck is not your greatest investment, it is a close second. It is for us as well. This is why we offer products that combine value, quality, great looks, and superior function.