Frequently Asked Questions



Will I have to trim the RockerFlare to avoid conflict with my fender flares?

If you have a new Chevrolet, factory fender flares create no problems. And trimming is not needed. Toyota Tacoma’s and Dodge Dakota’s can be trimmed at CRE Products to accommodate factory fender flares at no additional cost. Please mention the factory fender flares when placing your order. After market “oversized” fender flares may require trimming of the RockerFlare.

My truck is not listed in the product list. Do you carry my make and model?

Yes, most of the time we carry the product you need. If we do not carry it, we will work with you to outfit your vehicle.

I like my OEM Splash Guards, can I keep them instead of using the ones provided with the RockerFlare kit?

Yes, you can! We suggest that you still try to attach the RockerFlare to the OEM Splash Guard with the #6 screws provided.

I would rather not run screws into my truck. Will the tape on the RockerFlares hold them alone?

Possibly. The tape we use is very strong. People have used the tape alone in the past with varied results. CRE strongly recommends using the #10 screws provided. CRE recommends squeezing a small amount of silicon adhesive into the pilot hole, prior to running the #10 screw. This does a great job of sealing the hole and reducing any chance of corrosion.

My make/model part number indicates the RockerFlares will be 4” wide. Can you build them for me in a 5” width?

Yes! However, all models are designed for the best possible installation results. We can “custom” make a set for you. Custom orders are non-returnable.

I have a project, I want to buy 4” wide RockerFlares, but to my particular length. Will you build to my spec?

Yes! We will build custom orders, however, they are non-returnable.

My new truck is all silver with no black or chrome trim. Can I order RockerFlares painted silver to match my truck?

Yes! Please provide us with your factory paint code. Painting plastic that is textured is often difficult. CRE Products has had great success with painting RockerFlares, however we do not warranty the paint or adhesion. Please call for pricing and add 3 days additional lead time.



Splash Guards

How durable are your Splash Guards?

Our Splash Guards are made of high density 1/8” thick Polyethylene material with a textured finish. Our Splash Guards have been used in all types of weather conditions and temperature conditions with no ill affects.

What makes your Splash Guards different from others on the market?

CRE Splash Guards are unique in that they are flat and unmolded. This provides two advantages: first, it allows a customer to install the Splash Guards has high and as wide in the wheel well as they desire for each persons unique taste, and secondly, it often reduces an oversized tire clearance issue which many people experience with molded Splash Guards.

How long will it take me to install a pair of your Splash Guards?

Installation is quite simple using the instructions and automotive grade screws provided. To install a pair of Splash Guards will normally take 20 to 30 minutes.

How will I know where to position the Splash Guards during installation?

One of the unique features of the CRE Splash Guards is their long neck design. This allows you to position the Splash Guard as high and as wide in the wheel well as you desire for maximum protection.



Nerf Skirts

Why are the Skirts not available for other pickup makes?

There are so many different nerf bars, with each mounting differently. The brackets for Ford Super Duty step bars are such that mounting the skirt is possible. The Ford factory bars are dropped down fairly low, which creates a gap large enough for us to fill. The brackets provide an excellent mounting area. All other makes do not allow for an acceptable mounting option.

Why are the Skirts not available for the F150?

We are currently working on other makes and models. Check our website often.

How long will installation take?

Installation should take less than an hour.